Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh Riots!!! Send the Apes

So, its true? For a few days now,Youths have rampaged and torched businesses in London's Tottenham region. I mean, if you are a Premier League fan like yours truly, there is no way this mess won't bother you as it might disrupt the long awaited EPL season come Saturday. I say, send the Apes. It's their planet; per the movie, and who knows, the PM might just concur as it is obvious London's best aka Police is really not equipped to sort this mess soon.

Arsenal Fc aka Femme Fatale

Ahead of the new EPL season, and as in the last 6 years, an unsettling anxiety now creeps among all Arsenal FC fans and supporters. Clearly, not only do Arsenal play brilliant attacking football only second to Barcelona, but their financial statements are the most optimum you will ever see. Why? As one of the richest clubs in England, their vision in addition to the fairly new Emirates Stadium is to focus on young players - with the goal to play and win trophies at the top level. That vision has yet to materialize as it is spearheaded by no other than Arsene Wenger, the Coach, and also Architect behind the new Emirates stadium. Da Prof aka Peter Pan as I would like to call him has yet to deliver. As I've said every season since 2006, Arsenal is a Femme Fatale, but its time she became a true lady; one healthy for our hearts.
"Arsenal is like this Hot Chick that u fall for but can't seem to get her to settle with you. She is on, and then off sometimes, and for the life of u, u can't seem to understand why. She is brilliant and so gorgeous, but when she means to be ugly, she is such a let down. Strangely enough, no matter how many times you run away, or swear her off, there is something magic beyond ur painful experiences with her. Arsenal has our hearts, but more importantly, its us the fans, and not the team that Rocks!"

In defense of Arsene Wenger

Ok, so Arsene Wenger aka Da Professor aka Peter Pan gets a bad rap for falling short of a trophy in the last 6 years; So What?!!!! If you are not an Arsenal fan, shushhhh it! Come new season, ya respective teams better bring it on.

Messi v. Ronaldo

Globally, these two characters are the most reckoned-with soccer players of their time: Messi aka Chipmunk Extraordinnaire aka Da Holy-1 (in my opinion anyway) is notably the best player in the world. Ronaldo aka Cr7 is nothing to be messed with. He has it all; sex appeal, talent, pace, trickery, and hates to be called the no.2 best player in the World. Come Sunday, August 14th, I look forward to revisiting who really is in there to be no.1 at the Spanish SuperCopa and ahead of the La Liga season. Don't miss this game y'all!

Carlos Tevez...plzzz stay in the EPL

CARLOS please stay! I am not a Man City fan, but there is a lot of pain I would love to see on the faces of Man Utd fans. Want-away Tevez has clearly been Manchester City's talisman since last season, but no matter how Manchester City aka richest soccer club in the world is willing to spend, he hates the City of Manchester and is constantly home-sick. Tevez is a pain in you-know-what in the Premier League and is fascinating to watch. I hope he stays to ensure hell for such teams as Manchester United. I mean, Manchester City lost to Manchester United during the August 7th Community Shield because this dude decided not to participate. Is it too late for him to reconsider? We'll know soon.

Monday, August 8, 2011

why Super Mario Rocks!

Ok we get it. Mario Balotelli , 20, is not particularly the number 1 guy on your favorite soccer player list, but he sure is talented. Valued at over 20 million pounds, Manchester City could not resist but buy the phenom last year. Still, no one, and I mean no one has figured out what his deal is....the photo says it all. That's exactly how much he enrages Manchester United players, let alone fans of Manchester City. I say he Rocks, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, as the 2011/12 Barclay's Premier League resumes August 13th, and we shall be there to watch this kid more closely.

Fifa Needs Django, but so do we!

For the record, we can't continuously be in denial that Fifa and its affiliates ensnare a brand of corruption that can ruin establishments. Is that why Sepp is untouchable? Nope. Like they say, "You are a product of your environment." lol.
He is bound to come down sometime. However, our love for the game of football aka soccer is our weak spot, and Fifa is so good at drawing blood when we're not watching. I mean, who cares about corruption when Manchester United is playing a derby against Man City, or when Arsenal's attacking football is put to the test against the best like Barca, or when the "Special 1's Real Madrid and the Cr7's title hopes are outdone by Pep G.? Nevertheless, 5TH Ref is here, and will say it like it is...FIFA rocks, but does need a Django in these corrupt times. lol